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‚ÄčWhat does the SCSA inspectorate do?

The Inspectorate within SCSA monitors and inspects social welfare services as per Chapter 582 Social Care Standards Authority Act 2018. It aims to work with service providers to ensure that persons making use of social welfare services are provided with safe, caring and receiving a high quality service provision in line with established standards.

How do we inspect?

As per chapter 582 Social Care Standards Authority act 2018 the SCSA inspectorate is bound to carry out inspections in order to be able to monitor and review all operations involving the provision of social welfare services and ensure that these are in line with this SCSA Act or any other related Laws or regulations

What tools do we use to carry out inspections?

Various tools and methodologies are applied in order to make sure that high quality inspections are carried out. Depending on the services that are provided the inspectorate uses a number of tools in order to assess the quality of care and compliance with standards.  Here are a number of inspection tools we use:

Announced and Unannounced inspections: In order to ensure a professional approach to the inspection process, the SCSA inspectorate uses both announced and announced inspection when carrying out visits or observations in social welfare services.

Interviews: Interviews are carried out with management, staff, service users and other professionals involved to ensure that a humanistic aspect is always kept at the centre of the inspection. This also ensures a fair judgment in our inspection process approach.

Questionnaires and Checklists: From time to time the SCSC inspectorate can also make use of questionnaires and checklists in order to carry out mapping exercises and gather appropriate qualitative and quantitative data related to the operations taking place within each welfare service provision.

Vetting Documentation: In order to ensure that a high quality audit vetting of documentation is important to make sure that all welfare service provision is in line with policies and procedures as well as laws and regulations. This process incorporates the vetting of books, registers or any documents related to the social welfare service provision.

Monitoring and Reporting Systems: Various forms of reporting systems are designed by the inspectorate in order to be able to describe outcomes of inspections including any possible action plans, recommendations and areas for improvement are identified.