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What are Social Regulatory Standards?

Social care comprises a substantial amount of service providers in distinct sectors, from infants to the elderly, which affect society as a whole. The Social Care Standards Authority as a regulator needs to ensure equal treatment of the different service providers and lead same service providers to achieve greater quality of social well-being, from which society eventually benefits. Setting standards in the field of social care aids the regulator in achieving this aim.

How are Social Regulatory Standards established? 

Through research, consultation with service providers and other regulators in the field, the Regulations and Standards office is tasked with drafting the regulations in a specific sector. Once set, the social regulatory standards become a Legal Notice.

The process of regulation is intended to be a positive experience, which is carried out through collaboration and dialogue. It is envisaged that through its operations, the Authority will positively influence social welfare practices and the qualitative development of services in the sector.